My Favourite Suffolk Wedding Venue

Todays blog is about my favourite Suffolk wedding venue. Yes, I am based in Norfolk but the Suffolk border is only about 5 minutes away so I occasionally have to cross into the dark lands beyond Norfolk. Okay, so it’s not that bad! The Riverside House Hotel in Mildenhall is a very popular Suffolk wedding venue and rightly so – it is modern, beautifully decorated and finished to a high standard. A well kept garden provides the perfect backdrop for taking group photos and the food is delicious.  I also believe it is such a popular venue because it is so well run.

I’ve worked alongside Jed and his team many times and they never fail to impress me.  Jed and his team are always extremely professional and work hard to keep everything running smoothly. Alongside his professional manner, Jed can be described as kind hearted and someone who wants the best for the couples that he works with.  The lovely Charlotte and Luke had their reception at the Riverside Hotel in August this year. Hopefully you enjoy reading about their day!

The Perfect Day

Charlotte and her 2 bridesmaids were getting ready at her parents house in Thetford.  They were all dressed in the cutest matching Kimonos and all very excited when Lacey and I arrived.  We set up the wedding dress in the living room and used some off camera flash to make the dress stand out for the photo and then took the shoes outside into the beautiful garden.  I love the photo we captured of the shoes.   They were so beautiful and what you cannot see is that I delicately balanced one on the stump of a branch and had Lacey hold the heel of the second shoe next to it so that they were both perfectly positioned.

As Charlotte was being buttoned into her gorgeous dress, the girls ran into a slight problem.  There was an extra loop in the dress! After a few attempts at buttoning and unbuttoning they realised the issue and managed to double loop one of the buttons.  Thankfully this information came in handy at another wedding me and Lacey were recently present for! I thought I would include this in the blog in case it helps anyone else! After this, we got some family shots in the garden before heading off to Barnham Church for the ceremony.


Sentimental Value

Charlotte and Luke had chosen Barnham Church for their ceremony as it had many family connections.  It was a beautiful church.  At the time of the ceremony the cloud coverage meant little light was able to stream through the windows and I had to use my flash.  Whenever I use flash in a ceremony, I never turn the light directly on the subjects as this can be unflattering and off putting.  I use it to increase the ambient light in the room so that the images are less grainy in low light.   The great thing about using flash is that it freezes motion. This means that there is less likely to be blurry images when people move.

After the ceremony it started to rain so we made the decision to send the guests onto the reception.  Charlotte and Luke wanted to have their personal portraits at Charlotte’s parents house. The garden was the perfect setting.  When we all arrived back at their house the sun was shinning again. I carefully posed Charlotte and Luke in the best light and added light when needed. They do not usually feel comfortable in front of the camera so I worked through a series of poses with them that were quick and easy.  Working through these shots varied their eye contact so they spent less time looking at the camera. It also meant they could get back to their guests sooner.  I made a beautiful pastel preset for the scene whilst editing which added to the romantic, dreamy look that I try to acheive.


The Reception

The guests were enjoying their time at the hotel and the sun was shinning as we arranged the group photos.  I usually ask an usher or bridesmaid to help gather family members together as we work through the photos.  The bridesmaids were fantastic at organising people for the next shot.  During this time, one of the guests needed some medical attention.  Jed very discreetly alerted family members and delayed the food preparation.  We kept taking family photos to keep everyone outside and busy and when the situation was resolved Jed called everyone through.  It’s seeing Jed and his team handle situations like this that make Riverside my favourite Suffolk Wedding Venue.

The rest of the day went by smoothly.  I captured guests as they laughed and chatted at the tables whilst enjoying their food and remained unobtrusive the whole time.  There was fun, there was love, there were beautiful words, emotion, delicious sweets and then a little dancing before we headed off.  It was such a lovely day.

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