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Jungle Safari Cake Smash

I cannot deny that Jungle Safari Cake Smash sessions are one of my all time favourite themes. This particular shoot had the added wow factor with the introduction of a balloon arch. The mix of green tones and the hint of gold is such a beautiful combination.

This cheeky little chap was absolutely full of smiles and it was so much fun watching his little personality shine! He enjoyed the cake but then after a while decided he needed to finish off the session with a healthy snack! Quite fitting with the theme really!

Can Siblings Get Involved?

I often get asked if siblings are allowed to join in with the shoot. My answer of course is always a resounding yes. Brothers and Sisters are confidence givers and they also absolutely love getting to eat cake! How involved they are is completely up to you.

How do I choose a Cake Smash theme?

If you are interested in having a first birthday shoot, there are plenty of options. The jungle safari cake smash is a great theme for both boys and girls if you want something neutral. I am also introducing some new themes such as Winnie the Pooh, Woodland Animals and the Cookie Monster! A great place to check out ideas is pinterest.

You can book a cake smash session directly here.

If you have any questions about themes please get in touch.

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