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Get the best from a Lifestyle Session

Three points to get the best out of a lifestyle session

So you’ve decided to book a family shoot and probably wondering what to expect on the day. Here are a few tips to help you get organised and get the best out of your lifestyle session.

Outfit Choice

Before you even get to the session it’s worth chatting about outfit choices. Ideally you want to be wearing a colour palette that is harmonious and not contrasting colours.  So wearing similar shades of one colour but not all in the same exact colour! You also want to avoid strong bright colours like Red and Orange. Psychologically red is an incredibly dominant colour and your eye will be naturally drawn to it when looking at an image.  You don’t want to be competing against your chosen outfits, you want the viewer to pay attention to you, the subject.  The below image shows tones that work together although the bright pink of the trousers are a little distracting.

Best Photoshoot Locations

I recently had a studio shoot where the outfit choices were completely on point! So I want to highlight this as my example…All shades of blue, the pattern aspect is very minimal but helps to break up the similarity and not too bold and overpowering.  The reason this works is that the attention is not drawn to the clothing. It’s all working in harmony and not distracting you when you view the image.  Top marks for this family! These outfit choices are perfect for a studio or a lifestyle session.

Location Choice

The idea is to pick a location that reflects your family. If you find walks in the forest really boring, it might not be the best location choice for you.  If you find being around water really soothing there are definitely places that can include a river or lake or even the beach. I want to bring out the best in you so if you pick an environment that you feel confident and happy in, it will definitely show in the photos. If you take your children to the park a lot, maybe we can organise a location that has one and include some pictures in there too. 

Click here for some location ideas.


Lifestyle shoots are amazing for people who hate smiling at the camera.  We will chat, have a laugh, get to know each other and as we are creating this experience I will be snapping away. So enjoy the moment. Don’t treat it like a studio shoot where you have to stand and pose at various locations. If you frequently go for walks in the forest, what do you do in the forest with your little ones? Do you go on bug hunts or scavenger hunts or do you collect pine cones or other sensory things? Do this on your shoot. If you’re always in the forest with your dog, why not bring him/her?

My aim is to capture something that brings out the best in you but more importantly, is an integral part of you as a family. You will look back on these images in the years to come and remember the good times you had together. The shoot will be a memory building experience and not something forced and awkward. There may be poignant moments where stopping for a more posed photo is appropriate but those natural happy shots are gold.

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