Engagement photos prep you for the wedding

Engagement photos are a great trial run for your wedding day.  The photo sessions help you to get to know your photographer and how they work.  This makes you feel more comfortable in front of the camera and it can also save valuable time on your wedding day. It can even help you to plan your schedule.  In October, I photographed Rachel and Martin at Sizewell Beach.  They were having a December wedding and wanted a trial run as neither of them like being in front of the camera. This provided the perfect opportunity for them to see how I worked.  How I would direct them and explain the posing and how I would make the best use of light.

A trial Run

Rachel and Martin love the beach and they felt Sizewell would be a great place to stop in between the church and the reception.  It was a small detour and the access to the beach was easy. Meeting there for the engagement shoot was a great idea to test out the practicality of planning it into their day.  The day of the shoot was a bright sunny day.  It was absolutely beautiful but there were some complications! The angle of the sun shining across the water created a lot of flare and haze.  Even with my skill and knowledge I found it difficult to overpower the effects of the sun.  Without an assistant, I had to use natural reflectors around the beach and keep their backs mostly to the sun.  We found some gorgeous locations and we had a lot of fun.

Planning the Wedding Day

Having a winter wedding means your time schedule for the day has to run smoothly.  You have to make the most of the available light and bare in mind the cold weather conditions.  The trial run of the engagement was a life saver as it meant they could work out the timing for the day.  In reality, we would have struggled to fit this within their schedule without them missing out on a lot of time with guests.  They had carol singers performing and wanted as much time with loved ones as possible so we decided on a closer stop off for the wedding day.  Had we not booked in the engagement photos we may have run over time on their wedding day.

The Engagement Photos

So here are the photos from the engagement session.  They really are an adorable couple.  Working with them prior to the wedding really did make the wedding day so much more relaxed.  Keep a look out for the blog about their wedding next month!

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