2021 Pricing

Standard Cake Smash Photography Session £225

Includes up to an hour in studio with all props and a beautiful cake made by Nadine's Cakes and Celebrations, a set of 5 Signature Mounted prints and all edited images on an online gallery to download.

£50 deposit required to book.


Includes use of rainbow backdrop, a professionally made cake, an online gallery with a minimum of 20 images to download at full resolution 

Includes a set of 5 Signature mounted prints of your choosing

Signature Prints are 8 x 10 inches

Super Simple Cake Smash Set Up £135

Includes bunting only as simple decor, a professionally made cake and an online gallery of images for download.

Bespoke Cake Smash £255

Includes set up for a new theme with non standard decor, professionally made cake, gallery of images for download and 5 signature prints.

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Cake Smash Photography in Norfolk and Suffolk

Cake Smash sessions have grown in popularity over the last two years.  Although not everyone understands this trend, I personally think they are one of my favourite sessions to photograph.  Your child has reached many important milestones during their first year, which is definitely a cause for celebration!  A cake smash is a great way to celebrate and capture their developing personalities. It is hilarious, messy and heart warming!

I have to be honest with you, posing a one year old is not the easiest thing to do however, this photo session gives them complete freedom to be relaxed and to have fun.   The sugar rush does tend to help with that too! The cake is not just part of the 1st birthday theme, it is a prop that grabs their attention and gets them exploring.  It’s a new and exciting experience that they are sharing with you.

 It’s not just fun for them either.  You’re probably going to get covered in cake when your little one wants a hug however, seeing how they react to the cake and how they play with the props whilst getting extremely messy will melt your heart.  It’s such a natural, exciting and unposed shoot.  I really believe a cake smash session is not just about the photos, it’s an experience.  It really is an opportunity to build memories that you will fondly look back on over the years.

What is included in a cake smash session?

The package includes use of my beautiful props which are colour co-ordinated with a beautiful cake.  You advise me of the colour scheme you would like at the time of booking and I organise the rest.  The session takes place in my studio in Thetford.

I work alongside the award winning Nadine’s Cake’s and Celebrations. A delicious cake is included in the session fee.  It really doesn’t matter how much of the cake gets eaten, as long as everyone has heaps of fun!

Cake Smash Q&A

How far in advance do I need to book?

Preferably 2 weeks to ensure I have a space available either before or on your little one's birthday.  I have to give Nadine enough notice to make the cake and I have to organise the props too.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes a £50 session fee is required to book in your date as well as completing an electronic booking form which can be signed on your smart phone or tablet. This covers the cost of the cake and any props.

What does my child need to wear?

You are welcome to bring them a special outfit but I have often found that a plain white vest works beautifully.   As they get messier the cake colours smudge and smear and it looks quite effective.  If your child is of a more reserved personality this is particuarly helpful as it is a normal everyday item of clothing.  

What if my child doesn't like the cake?

In the unlikely event that your little one really dislikes the cake, it is worth bringing their favourite snack along to the session.  This can be hidden in the cake to encourage them to play and explore it and get messy!  Don't be surprised if they don't eat a lot of cake.  That is totally fine and the experience is about them exploring and having fun, not just eating it!  

Is there anything I should bring to the session?

Bring a sippee cup or bottle of juice or water for them as eating cake is thirsty work!  Also don't forget to bring a change of clothes for you!  They will no doubt want a cuddle at some point and you will not escape the cake!

Who can come to the session?

I like to limit the number of adults to a maximum of three for the session as otherwise it can be a bit overwhelming.