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Best Photoshoot Locations

If you’re thinking of having a family shoot I wanted to give you my 5 best photoshoot locations local to Thetford.

Over the last 7 years I have worked with so many wonderful families and I have definitely found some locations better to shoot in than others! I have picked 3 locations to share that are within Thetford itself, this has its advantages as parking is always free and then a couple slightly further out.  All these locations have access to free parking which is a massive plus as well as being free to enter.

1.Warren Lodge.

This location is just past Thetford Golf club, on the Brandon Road.  It is easy to miss if you aren’t prepared but it  is definitely worth finding. The forestry trails are absolutely beautiful and at the right time of year you also have all the rich tones of the Heather on the trail up to the forest itself. The Lodge ruins provide an extra interest so there are 3 different backdrops bringing a nice variety to your photos.

2. The Garden Centre Trail.

This location is not as well known for photography but I walk it daily and it is my favourite place to be in Thetford.  There are open stretches of meadowland, forestry, the river and a walkway next to the river, lined with silver birch trees which is really picturesque.  In Autumn the forest areas provide those lovely rich colours and there are still enough interesting areas even in winter to photograph. Access is from multiple different locations but the easiest is probably to park on Campion Road.

3. Thetford Priory

This one seems like an obvious choice however, I am always surprised at how many local people have never walked round the sight.  This location is a great all year location as even in the cold winter months it provides an incredible backdrop.  There are some open areas of grassland and trees which provide a good variety and also mean Autumn pictures have those rich warm tones.

4. Lynford lakes and Lynford Arboretum.

This is quite possibly top of my list for best photoshoot locations.  The gardens are immaculate and full of wonder for small children.  There is plenty of space for them to run around, they can find Norfolks largest tree and discover some pretty cool tree carvings hidden amongst the grounds. There are intriguing winding paths and rich foliage, benches for those cute family cuddles and at the right time of year the abundance of snow drops are so pretty. Just across the other side of the garden there is also Lynford Lakes.  It is perhaps a 5 minute walk from the gardens but they are beautiful and have some areas of sand that look very beach like.  It is such a peaceful location and great if you prefer a more open landscape for your images. 

5. Marham Park, Bury St Edmunds

So this is the wild card of my best photoshoot locations.  I have only worked here once but I fell in love with it.  It is actually an area of parkland just opposite a new housing development.  It has the winding paths, the daisy fields and generally a more open feel which is very picturesque.  This means it’s a nice contrast from the forestry feel of some of the other locations.  If you like the wide open shots it’s perfect.  I am definitely itching to get back there!

Drop me a message to book in for your family shoot 🙂

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