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2nd Birthday Photoshoot

Why should you book a 2nd Birthday Photoshoot?

Your two year old is by now extremely confident and has a shining personality! I bet they are chatting all day long and keeping you on your toes. Don’t waste the opportunity to capture their hilarious antics at a 2nd birthday photoshoot! This is another important milestone to remember.

If you had a cake smash when they turned one, you can still go for a re run and have an entirely new theme! By this point they have probably developed a taste for cake and you will be surprised at the hilarious things they do and say whilst enjoying it! If you need some ideas for themes, you can check out my pinterest page to see the various themed boards for inspiration here.

The example I’ve used is a summer themed cake smash shoot and this little beaut absolutely loved it! We were in hysterics the whole shoot watching her interactions with the cake and her brilliant expressions.  When her Mum and Dad told her it was time to go she was so not impressed, she didn’t want to leave her cake or the fun set up!

What are the other options

If you don’t want to go for a cake smash there are other options.  For instance, I’ve done confetti shoots with confetti balloons and cannons on a white backdrop which was really fun! Alternatively, you could go for a fruit smash to change it up or even a paint session.  Or you could even opt for a lifestyle session and visit a favourite park or area for some outdoor fun with bubbles.

Whichever you decide, don’t miss the chance to capture these adorable little whirlwinds! You won’t be disappointed. It really is such a fun age to capture. All of my sessions include a box set of 5 Signature Mounted Prints. They can be placed in a frame or used as they come.

Book Here. Get in touch to book your child’s 2nd Birthday Photoshoot.

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