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Ice Cream Theme Cake Smash for Summer!

The Ice cream theme cake smash is here for the summer!

I have been working with this family for 3 years now and when they asked for an Ice cream theme cake smash I was very excited!

Typically a lot of the colours I work with are quite bold and certainly in the past, this family has opted for big bright elaborate set ups such as a hot air balloon theme and a circus theme!  This time though it was refreshing to work with soft pastel tones.  

As this was a completely new theme I provided a bespoke quote as there were a lot of new props and we even had to build the ice cream cart! Of course I enlisted the help of my husband with that  task as I should never be trusted with tools!

The Cake

Each time the birthday boy has visited so far, he has not wanted to eat the cake! This year as he had turned 3 I was hoping he had developed a taste for sweet things.  He had not!! The bespoke cake was made as usual by the very talented Nadine at Nadine’s Cakes and Celebrations.  He absolutely loved the cake, but he did not want to eat it! In fact when he accidentally pushed the cake over, he was shocked to the core!! He then proceeded to tidy it up the best he could!! He was fascinated by the sprinkles and loved putting them into the bowls!

The Images

So, this wasn’t one of those rock and roll sessions with cake flying everywhere! But, I love these images and I love that I have seen this adorable little boy grow and change over the past 3 years.  I think a lot of parents worry that their child may not completely smash up the cake or enjoy eating it but, in reality as long as they have fun that is the end goal! It’s an opportunity to capture these little cuties in all their glory! To celebrate another huge milestone! 

If you would like more information on a cake smash please get in touch!

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