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How to back up your photos.

So, you’ve had your shoot, received a gallery of beautiful images and you are probably waiting for your Signature prints in the post! Ideally, you now need to back up your photos before the gallery link expires.

Many people, myself included get caught out when you press that download all button and fail to log where your images have been saved.  It can take hours and hours of searching later down the line if you do not store them safely! It’s great to have your favourites on your phone or tablet but these devices will not last.  They are not future proof. Phones can be lost, broken or if unfortunately like me you forget your password you may even need to reset your phone to its factory settings.  If you haven’t backed up your phone since you bought it this means you will loose all your pictures! This seriously happened to me.  I lost everything!

This is one of the reasons that I include the signature prints! It is much harder to loose a 12 x 10 inch mounted print and hopefully as it arrives fully enclosed it can even go straight on the wall as it is! A very tangible memory of a happy moment, that will make you smile for years to come!

But, back to the point! The best thing you can do with these photos is open up a cloud storage to back them up and make sure you save the log in details!!

Cloud Storage for Free!

Here are four of the best cloud storage accounts available at the moment for you to back up your photos.

  1. Microsoft One Drive.  This will give you 5GB of cloud storage for free. 

2. Google Photos.  You can have a free account that will allow you to store up to 15GB. The maximum individual file size you can upload is 16 MP which is worth noting.

3. Dropbox.  Although you can pay for higher amounts of storage, the free account on Dropbox Basic will give you 2GB of storage and with the added convenience of having an app so that you can access your account straight from your phone.

4. Amazon Photos. If you have Amazon Prime, you can access their photo storage which gives you unlimited storage of full resolution files! 

Get in touch

I hope you have found this useful and that you find a suitable solution for getting things safely stored away. If you have any issues at all please do get in touch and I will help as best I can. These images are too precious to loose!

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