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Hockwold Hall Luxury Makeover Shoot

For some time now we have wanted to provide luxury makeovers and had our first one at Hockwold Hall earlier this year. Last year we met Sam at a clients wedding and her story astounded us.  Sam had been asked to be a bridesmaid at her best friends wedding.  This prompted her to go on a weight loss journey that has transformed her life.  At the time of the wedding she told us that she had lost 9 1/2 stone in approximately 1 year! It was an enormous deal for her. Sam wanted to support Charlotte at her wedding as well as feel confident wearing the dress. By the time I arranged the shoot with Sam, she had lost a total of 10 stone 2lbs through the Slimming World programme.  This is a huge achievement and we wanted to help her celebrate.


The Day at Hockwold Hall


We arrived at Hockwold Hall one afternoon in February excited about the shoot.  Jessica Wyatt is a fantastic local make up artist and she also styled Sam’s hair as well as providing the make over.  Whilst Jessica applied the make up we set up our equipment.  Hockwold Hall has a lot of beautiful features inside as well as having beautiful gardens.  We wanted to start inside as the weather was not the best.  The team at Hockwold were incredibly welcoming and we enjoyed tea and biscuits in the most adorable tea set with heart shaped tea spoons! We all felt very relaxed and happily chatted and giggled as we waited for Sam’s make up and hair to be completed.  Sam is so beautiful and it was really important to us that we helped her see that for herself.


We began to photograph Sam and show her the results on the camera screen which grew her confidence.  Her reaction made me feel quite emotional.  She couldn’t believe that she was seeing herself.  It was incredible hearing more about her story and hearing it from her Mum’s perspective too.  Her Mum has supported her throughout her journey and been a huge source of confidence to Sam. It was a great honour to photograph them together. Two beautiful and empowered women.


The Final Photos

Whilst the shoot was an incredible experience for all of us, I think one of the best parts of our jobs is seeing peoples reactions to the final images.  I had the images printed ready for Sam to view them which was an emotional moment. She looks absolutely stunning in all the images. She said over and over “I can’t believe that’s my face!” I love that I get to be part of a team that can help people feel beautiful and be confident about themselves.  Sam and her Mum enjoyed the entire experience.  The setting was stunning, spending time together as girls being pampered was fun and having a set of images that she can be proud to have on the walls is priceless.  You can follow Sam’s incredible Instagram journey here.

If you would like to take a look at Hockwold Hall please click the following link here. It is a beautiful wedding venue as well as a great venue for the make over shoots.

You can find Jessica Wyatt on Facebook here.

If you think you would like to book in a luxury makeover shoot please get in touch for more information using the contact form or call on 01842 267007.

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