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My Family Photos – A Mothers Day Gift

Hot on the heels of my last blog I thought it was important to update my family photos! It had been a while since I had changed the photos on the walls so I decided to spend some time photographing my son Reuben.  On a bright sunny day the light at the front of my house is amazing.  Lots of shaded areas along with beautiful natural reflectors.  So when the opportunity arose I took some shots of Reuben playing.

You may think, well it’s easy for you, you are a photographer and it doesn’t cost you anything.  I assure you, it does! My son is one smart cookie! He will not participate in any photos unless he is paid for his time! He is very good at negotiating toys in exchange for being a model! So with the promise of a Paw Patrol figure he reluctantly smiled every now and then for me! I even managed a wardrobe change and managed to convince him to style his hair!

Family Photos Make The Best Gift

Not only did I want to use these images for my own personal use, I wanted to provide family with the gift that keeps on giving! Nothing makes my Mum happier than catching a glimpse into his world! My Mum does not live locally and so we do not get to spend as much time with her and my Step Dad as we would like. We frequently send photos through messenger but it really isn’t the same.  I knew that she and other family members would appreciate some professional family photos that they could frame.  It seemed the perfect gift this year.  Reuben is growing up so fast. I wanted to send a surprise package of prints for her to open this morning and make her smile.

Print Finish

Once I finished editing them I sent them off to be printed.  I sent the whole set to my Mum and I chose to print some as fine art prints for me! The fine art prints were ordered through my professional lab and as expected they were beautiful.  I love the detail in these prints.  These will be lining my walls very soon! My mothers day gift this year is the new frames to put them in.  I am a happy Mummy!


I hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day.  If you would like to book in a shoot to update your family photos why not check out the lifestyle and portrait photography that I offer.  Click Here for more details.



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  • Joanna AhmadMarch 26, 2017 - 3:07 pm

    Dang it! Sally you made me cry again! Lol! It truly was a gift of laughter to open a package of beautiful prints of my grandson this morning – Mothers Day – knowing he would have named his price !! I’m so blessed to have amazing, natural & posed pics that I can look at in my hand. Love you, proud of you. ReplyCancel