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Adorable boys cake smash is a hit!

At the beginning of April I got to shoot this adorable boys cake smash session.  I had the absolute pleasure of taking his newborn photographs and I always love the chance to see how these little ones have grown.  He was so cute! Already able to walk and full of cheeky personality! It made for an entertaining shoot!

When he first arrived we took a few shots without the cake, of him individually and with his Mum and Dad.  I am always surprised at how many families do not have many pictures together so this is important.  Most families are really happy to do this. Then we presented him with the cake and he was off.  At first he tested to see if he was allowed to touch the cake which produced some adorable expressions.  Once he was sure he had his Mum and Dads approval he got stuck in.  He was very happy to eat the blue icing, but we all noticed that he steered clear of the green! We decided it must be a built in broccoli radar!

The Sugar Rush

At about half way through the session and many handfuls of cake he realised how thirsty he was! So he sat and had his juice as the sugar rush set in.  He was hilarious.  He enjoyed a few more mouthfuls but then his attention turned to the pom poms and balloons which he thoroughly enjoyed.

I had 2 cake smash sessions for the day and I planned to use bunting and balloons for both.  Last year I had discussed keeping everything simple but I decided to give them another go as little ones have so much fun playing with them.  I am so glad I did.  I loved the extra colour and the prints look amazing. It was incredibly difficult for me to decide on the final images when I edited them. Each expression was priceless.

Boys Cake Smash Sessions are so Colourful

I love how vibrant boys cake smash sessions are.  Over the last year I’ve had navy and red, varying blues and greens, sea hawk colours and of course blues and greys.  I also have a turquoise and grey theme coming up. Boys definitely seem to have a brighter colour pallet but I do love the pinks!

Booking A Cake Smash

If you would like to book in a shoot and would like to find out more information and pricing please click on the link here.


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