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Baby Photography – why it’s essential to record those moments

Three years ago I began to offer baby photography packages to new parents in Norfolk and Suffolk.  It has been an adventure and so exciting to see it grow as part of my business.  I have spent many many hours completing training in safety and posing and I work hard to improve on all my skills. Over the last 6 months particularly, I have been researching ways to improve the presentation of my products.  It occurred to me that more and more people rely on their camera phones and most of the time the furthest those images get to is Facebook!  Whilst it is amazing to have that technology available now, there are some concerns for the future.


The Digital Age

Most photographers, including myself, have presumed that because we live in an advanced technological age we should offer digital packages.  It is easy to put those files on an online gallery or load them onto a USB. Prints seemed to be a thing of the past, however,  I think we have misinterpreted what our clients want and need.  People LOVE prints! Everyone wants to see their beautiful children up on the wall or in frames around their home.  It’s what makes our homes homely.  It’s the physical proof that we exist and have shared memories together as a family.  That we are important enough to record each stage of our lives and remember them day to day.

The problem, is busyness. Everyone is busy and life seems to pass by in a blur. Getting pictures printed is always something we want to do but it frequently becomes the lowest priority.  When I was little, before digital cameras were readily available and mobile phones didn’t have cameras (I’m only 31 by the way!) , you had to get your photos printed.  I remember the excitement when you could go pick them up and finally see them! I am so grateful for this as I have a treasured box of pictures to look through when I am feeling nostalgic.  My son loves to look through these photos.  He loves to go through them all and see us when we were young and how much we look like him.  We have a photo of my grandmother which is 67 years old! It’s just not the same scrolling through a phone!


Are Digitals Future Proof?

Camera phones are all well and good.  They are easy.  Always to hand so that you never miss a moment.  But if we never do anything with those moments we are in danger of losing them.  People always think it’s ok because they can back up the photos.  What if your phone drops into the toilet before you have had the chance? We think, it’s ok as we’ll get them printed eventually.  What about the quality?  A lot of phone camera’s produce grainy images and they are not always going to print to a high enough standard that you can mount them on the wall. I recently went through and printed all my favourite photos from my phones camera roll. As you can image they are no way near the quality I can produce as a professional.

This is possibly my biggest concern though; will your children know how to find these pictures in 20 or 40 years time when they want to look back and see themselves as a baby? Will they have time when you are gone to hunt through every file on your computer.  Do they know what cloud storage you have and what the passwords are?

Not only do we enjoy prints around our homes, they have a longevity to them that far surpasses technology in many ways.  The bonus fine art prints that are included in my baby photography packages have an archival guarantee of 100 years! You remember the floppy disk 20 years ago? We can no longer use them.  We moved onto CD’s maybe 15 years ago, they are now being phased out of some computers in favour of the USB.  Technology changes so fast, it is only as reliable as we are in remembering to back the files up.  It is also important to order them in easily accessible folders so that we can keep them backed up over time.  To do this well requires organisation and time!


Baby Photography is Essential

As a professional photographer, I don’t want you to forget how little and precious they were. It is my job to make sure you and your children have a professional record of these precious first moments.  To know what they looked like as they rapidly changed over that first year.  To have great quality images that will stand the test of time. The ability to look back and see you lovingly gazing at them in your arms.  They really will want to know what you looked like! Having these images can help them to understand how they have grown and what they have achieved.  In the future, when they have children, these images will be even more important.


Printing Made Easy

All my baby photography packages are now provided in several formats to make sure they are as future proof as possible.  All packages come with beautiful mounted prints.  This ensures you have physical copies of the images that will probably outlast the technology we currently use.  You no longer have to wait to find the time to get your favourites printed.   It’s all done for you. I have partnered with a fantastic lab that prints to an incredible standard.  Whilst a lot of the high street stores or online consumer labs offer cheaper printing, the paper and ink quality may not be comparable.  They may not last as long. The presentation mounts included in the packages are pure white so that they will look stunning in any frame.


Not only do my baby photography packages have prints, they do of course have USB copies too.  You can upload them to your computers and you even have an online gallery which means you can download individual images to your phones and tablets too. Everything is available to you quickly, to the highest standard possible so that you have less to worry about and can simply enjoy those beautiful photos.  The following gallery is one of my recent shoots and it was gorgeous family to work with.  The absolute best part of my job, is seeing people’s reactions to their prints. Knowing how happy they are that I have captured something so important.  If you are thinking of booking a newborn shoot to record those first precious moments please click here for more information.


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